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The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?

by Robert Davis (Author)

Paperback – January 28, 2015

Should you believe in UFOs (unidentified flying objects)?

If you question why the subject of UFOs should be taken seriously, this book provides that answer.

Fascinating evidence, new perspectives, and detailed analysis, make this a thought-provoking study for those at every level of knowledge and belief in the UFO phenomenon.

Through well-researched and convincing, documented insight, discover compelling individual and mass UFO encounters, giving you a direct appreciation of the possible nature and origin of this extraordinary topic.

Learn about pilot and astronaut UFO experiences, strange encounters with UFOs, alien abductions, official government and military declassified UFO documents, and future directions and research needed to better understand the phenomenon.

New viewpoints are provided through an objective investigation of the alleged alien visitations of earth and authenticity of the UFO phenomenon.

Should you believe? Find out.

Size: 6”x9”/208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347641  Binding: Soft cover.

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Star Like Object Makes Some Odd Maneuvers Over Fort St. John British Columbia

Date:  January 19 and January 23, 2015
Time:  Early morning.

Hi, I was just wondering if there have been any recent reports of UFO sightings in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Twice this week at the same time in the morning, I have noticed a strange star like object descending from the sky erratically.

It was dropping in altitude, then fluttering in a strange motion then descending again and maintaining a altitude and slightly changing direction from side to side while moving closer to the city.

At both times I have watched it, it gets close to the city and then changes direction and goes the opposite way and starts to go higher in the sky and away in the direction it originally came from.

I think the first time I saw it was this past Monday and again this morning. First time I shrugged it off as a weird thing I noticed, but today after the second sighting, I am convinced it is something else. I am just wondering if anyone has reported a similar sighting. Thanks.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Vike Factor Note: I do receive sighting reports from all over the world, and I post all of the reports I receive here:

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The Vike Factor -  Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

UFO/Object Found In Photo Taken From Nanaimo from Gabriola Island British Columbia (Picture)

From the Vike Factor UFO Files.

Date:  October 18, 2007
Time:  5:15 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Over Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbor.
Number of witnesses: 0
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Lens.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was out on the deck on the front of the ferry to Nanaimo from Gabriola Island on the 5:10 p.m. run with my camera and binoculars experimenting taking shots through the bino eyepiece.

I took about ten shots that way, not being able to see weather or not the shots were out of focus.

I only discovered this image as I processed and deleted all the rest, but for this one. I was not aware of any craft when taking the pictures.

It is quite unmistakably lens shaped with the sun reflecting from the other side in the late afternoon sunset.

I will send the image to your address.

Thank you to the person for their report and photo. Photo is copyrighted to the owner. 

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Vike Factor Note: I do receive sighting reports from all over the world, and I post all of the reports I receive here:

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Brian Vike’s Audio Eyewitness Interviews (Covering UFOs/ Missing Time/Sasquatch/Ghosts)

 I am over some time, posting all of my audio interviews I have done over the years.

There is some stack of them, and I don’t know how many of these clips are actually still on the internet today, so I will post these one more time and are free to everyone who wishes to download or listen to the interviews.

These clips are © 2015 Brian Vike's, Vike Report Audio Interviews.

I am only going to post this once to the British Columbia UFO page here, and the links below are to what I have posted so far. But for all the rest of the interviews, I will only be posting them to The Vike Factor at -

So if you want to grab them, you will have to check the link above I have provided. Also you are welcome to post them to your websites, etc. all I ask is you provide a link back to The Vike Factor -

I should add, many of the interviews I had bumper music, advertisements in the clips. But I have/am removing everything so you only have the interviews to listen to. I do hope you enjoy them all.

So here is what I have posted so far:

F4-Phantom Weapons Control Technicians Spot 3 Oval UFOs

Ex Military Hears About Cow Found Mutilated In Burnt Circle At The Cannon AFB

Kecksburg UFO Crash Eyewitness Gives Detailed Account. (Possible First Person On The Site)

Eyewitness Lottie Has Numerous UFO Close Encounters In British Columbia Canada

Eyewitnesses Observe Spectacular UFO Events/Missing Time At Yankton South Dakota

Hovering UFO Blinding Light Needles Screams Marks On The Body At Thousand Oaks California

Ghost Stories - Dogs Sense The Dead

Ex Military/Ex Police Officer Reports On His Unusual UFO Sightings And Abduction

Security Guard Observes Huge Black Triangle Over The Bronx New York City

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw.

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Vike Factor Note: I do receive sighting reports from all over the world, and I post all of the reports I receive here:

Brian Vike.
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The Vike Factor -  Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Red Light/Object Spotted Flying Over Duncan Cowichan Bay Vancouver Island British Columbia

Date:  January 6, 2015
Time:  Approximately 6:30 p.m.

Brian, I was doing a Google search to see if I could come up with some answer about what  we saw in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia (Vancouver Island) on January 6, 2015 and I found your site.

 This is what I posted on Facebook shortly after the sighting. If you’d like more information or if you think you know what that was, please feel free to contact e via email so we can discuss it.

Here’s my post:  At about 6:30 p.m. I was standing in our driveway in Cowichan Bay and a bright red light (looked like a plane headlight, but it was red) was coming toward us from the West to the East.

It was flying towards the Victoria airport. We get a lot of air traffic, but this was weird. The light was red and large like a headlight on a plane, (It was like a laser pointer in the face) but as the light went over our house and out over the estuary (Cowichan Bay) toward the airport.

It got smaller and smaller and then disappeared above the Cowichan Bay harbour. It was going too fast to be a flare, but that is what it looked like.

It's foggy tonight which made it even weirder because it was bright despite the low clouds. Friends and I all saw it and I got my downstairs neighbor to come out on the porch and see it too. Strange, anyone else see it? Duncan, Cowichan Bay? Sincerely.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Vike Factor Note: I do receive sighting reports from all over the world, and I post all of the reports I receive here:

Brian Vike.
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The Vike Factor -  Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

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Older British Columbia Canada UFO Sightings - By Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike

Lillooet, British Columbia 1966 UFO Sighting

1966 Fraser Canyon, British Columbia UFO Sighting

In 1966, finding myself alone, except for the family cat, Caboodle, after the family breakup and ultimate divorce, I traveled up the Fraser Canyon to a small village of Lillooet, two hundred road miles north of Vancouver, BC.

My former C.O. from my Army days, (name deleted by Brian Vike) lived in a mobile home and worked with (name deleted) on her Bridge River - Lillooet News. I joined them, and having spent a month living over The News Office with (name deleted), I learned I could rent a dandy suite overlooking the Fraser River canyon.

The sliding doors opened onto a wide sun deck. The P.G.E. rails were just beyond the fence at the end of the lot.

When the 110 - car freights rumbled by I was face to face with the engineers. I used to try to list the many boxcars, the rolling stock of railroads from all over North America in those pre computer days. At nights no lights shone from the few homes scattered on the bench land below, on the other side of the tracks.

The highway connecting Lillooet with the outside world was on the far side of the river. Came the darkness the valley was pitch black except for the odd set of headlights of cars traveling into town. There was no road on the mountainside which loomed up on the town side of the canyon.

One winter Friday night my friend (name deleted) had walked over for a visit. The folks in the adjoining suite had the TV on for the Dean Martin Show which aired at 9:00 p.m. (name deleted) relaxed in an easy chair from which she could see out through the sliding doors.

I sat opposite on the chesterfield, too far back to share her view. As we chattered, she suddenly, turned her head, and staring out through the glass door, exclaimed in a sharp voice, "What's that ?" I jumped up quickly to share her excitement and immediately saw a huge red swirling ball with flaring red orange flaming edges coming towards us from above the west side mountain.

Grabbing the glass door catch I shouted "let's get out onto the deck !" which we did. As we stood side by side, we watched the whirling fire-ball hurdle towards us, so fast that we both ducked down, putting our hands on our heads as we truly expected to be hit as it crashed upon us.

But, as we crouched and watched, the thing hovered "just above the mountainside" so to speak, spinning and flaring, to right, to left, to right again, for a few seconds. It hesitated on the final jerk to the right, then in erratic short jumps, still spinning and flaring, it began to recede, grow smaller, to nothing, back into the sky from whence it had come.

We returned to the room, quite shaken up, and (name deleted) snapped, "Exactly what did we see ?"

I put into words much as I have in this account, using my extended arm to describe the movement "Exactly ?" she snapped.

Being Friday night with everything closed for the weekend, we had no way of finding out if anyone else had shared the sight. The News was being printed, not in Lillooet, but in Fort St. John at Ma'sson Dan's newspaper shop, so nothing was "of the moment" news wise.

By the time the weekend was over the folks were back on the job, we felt rather foolish in speaking of our UFO encounter. had we not have rushed to the sun deck, causing us to be physically involved, had we just focused and seen it with our own sight, we may well have pondered if we had seen it at all.

I recall when I saw the movie "Strange Encounter" some years back I thought the UFO props were not nearly as exciting as what (name deleted) and I had shared on that Friday night in Lillooet, B.C.

So here in 1993, having watched a TV program on UFO sightings I am moved to record the event while sound of mind with 20-20 vision, from my notes written in 1996.

Thank you to the wonderful lady who shared her story with me.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Stalked By A Unidentified Flying Object on Highway #16 In British Columbia, Canada

The original report below, sighting in Houston, British Columbia came from Mr. Peter Davenport at the NUFORC ( as he thought I would be interested in looking into the case due to it being in the area where I live. Brian Vike called the lady who filed the report to Peter and I had a long conversation with her. I did not realize just how much more there was to the case.

Also the lady who I named Connie in this report will writing up a full version of all events that have taken place over the years.

My many thanks to Peter Davenport for passing along this case to me for follow-up and to the kind lady for taking the time to have a wonderful conversation with me.

Houston, British Columbia Canada

Date: August 8, 1998
Time: 2:00 a.m.

It was 2:00 a.m. and I was headed East on the Yellowhead Highway, Hwy 16. I was just a few miles outside of Houston. I had just left the little town of Smithers and I was looking for a Fair Grounds that I had thought they had there to stay overnight with 5 horses that I had brought out of Alaska.

I had traveled this highway lots of times and usually stayed in Vanderhoof or Quesnel, British Columbia, but the road had been bad coming down the Cassiar Hwy and had slowed me down.

My traveling companions besides the 5 equines consisted of my SharPei dog (CharChar) and 1 cat (Sally). It was my traveling companions that alerted me to something unusual in the beginning. Char started howling in a strange way and was looking out the rear window. I could see a strange white glow on her when I turned around.

At first this registered as light coming off my front running lights on the horse trailer, the problem being they are orange, not white. Still did not register with me that there was anything unusual yet. Then Sally, the cat, started making strange noises I never had heard before and she actually jumped up on the seat in front with me then jumped back to the back and went under the seat. Her hackles were up at the time.

Meanwhile, Char is running from the back rear window to me and whining and her hackles are up. I was at this point starting to get spooked. I had slowed down considerably looking for the Fair Grounds and had been leaning forward on the steering wheel (there was some ground fog in the valleys there too). It was at this time that I realized the truck was glowing with a white light and the ground around me also was. It was like I was in a big spotlight with one of those new blue-white headlights they have out now.

I leaned forward and looked up and realized that there was something over me. It was as larger than a large full moon in size in the sky and was a glowing green color with this large white light in the middle. Like a stupid idiot I really slowed down and rolled my window down and listened.

I heard no engines. At this point I am trying to justify this with a meteor, crashing plane, helicopter, anything but imagining that I could be the perfect "UFO medical experiment on wheels, 5 equine,1 feline,1 canine and 1 hominid." This my daughter later reminded me of and we had a good laugh, however I failed to see the humor in it at the time it was happening. I don't think I directly thought of this however I know it had to be in my mind.

The object suddenly removed the light from me and then sped forward. I was at this point going up a hill and it appeared to be going to the top of the hill to land. It was at this point I actually saw 3 points of light that were red or orange on the edge.

I thought they might have been engine exhaust or after burners. It was a little unclear with the fog I was going in and out of. This was not a heavy fog, more like a mist. It hesitated at the crest of the hill then suddenly made a sharp turn and headed due North from me.

It was at this point that I realized that I had come to a complete stop in the Highway. Myself and Char were just staring at this thing. I can't tell you what was running through her mind but I can tell you I was now scared.

It went through this mist and went right up and over a small mountain there. I could see the glow of light from beyond the mountain like it had landed. I got going again quite quickly and stopped in the next town to call my husband. He is in the USAF and while I am relating all this to him it was at this time I realized that the entire Convenience Store was now quiet.

Everyone in there was listening to me! One of the customers in there told me that there had been sightings in the area all Summer! Well I ask if there was a RCMP close at hand because I still thought that maybe I should report it.

The clerk in the store he did not think the office for just reporting would be open at this time so I just determined I would call later. There were 2 logging truck drivers there that said that I could park between them if I was still scared since they would be there until 6:00 when the mill opened. This is exactly what I did.

The next morning I started off again headed for Arlington,Washington. Somewhere before Prince George I spied a RCMP on the side of the road running radar and it was a woman. I thought this would be the chance to talk to someone so I parked on the side of the road and approached her vehicle.

I had made sure that I had picked up one of my Business Cards first.(I run a horse transport business so I do a lot of traveling at night. It is easier on the horses especially in the Summer. I also had lived 17 years in Alaska so I knew this Hwy and this was a first for me on it.)

When I came up the first thing out of mouth was that here was my business card, that I did not do drugs nor rarely drank and certainly had been doing neither the previous night. She listened to my tale then handed the card back to me and kind of chuckled.

Without saying anything to me she got on the radio back to Houston, BC, Canada and told them I would be calling in a report. I interrupted her to ask if it would be a problem if I called once I got to a land line in Washington and she said yes.

Well this went better than I had expected. I really thought that she might have been calling out the "paddy wagon" with the straight jackets for me. It was at this time after speaking on the radio she got out of the car and looked at me straight on. She then proceeded to tell me she believed me and did not think that

I was a "nut" since if I was a nut seeing things at night then they had 2 RCMP's that were the same and were seeing things in broad daylight. She said that a craft had been sited in the same area just a few days before.

I proceeded on feeling much better actually. When I got to Arlington, Washington at a motel I called the desk at the RCMP's at Houston and gave them a full report.

Visitations By Little People

The story is real but the names in this report below are fictitious for obvious reasons.
Connie - Driver of the vehicle who had the amazing encounter in Houston, British Columbia.

I telephoned the witness as I had a number of question I wanted to ask her. She lives with her husband on their ranch in North Carolina. The lady was such a pleasant person to talk with, also owns her own business and has degrees in anthropology and archaeology from the University of Houston, Texas. As far as I am concerned she is a very credible witness who gave a number of details in her report that only residents in my area would know about.

As we chatted about what took place that early morning, she went on to tell me about some other frightening experiences which has followed her throughout her life. The sad part to the story is that not only is she being effected, but members of her family and now her young grandchild as well.

When I hear about children being involved with such events it saddens me. It is bad enough for adults to deal with the strange happenings, but to know that children are having visitations, etc.. it really does break my heart.

The lady went on to say that her daughter was joking with her about her being a rolling medical experiment on wheels, as she was carrying her pets, horses and of course herself. When her daughter said this, Connie didn't find it very amusing due to what has, and still is, going on in her family.

Connie told me she has had some other troubling times in her family. Her son had an experience and Connie as well. Connie said she called them her little people. She told me she had many dreams, not so much vivid ones, but dreams. But she was very upset when her son, then three years old and when all of them were living in Alaska.

It got so bad that she took her son to a psychologist thinking a three year old couldn't make up such a story if something wasn't taking place. Connie not knowing at the time when she made the appointment for her son that the psychologist was a child specialist.

The psychologist said to Connie that her son kept talking about this "thing" over and over while they were in the psychologist office. The lady psychologist told Connie you would not believe how many children come through her office telling a similar story, of these unusual experiences.

Connie mentioned to the psychologist that even when she was a child, and now an adult she still has her dreams about her visitors or little people. Connie told me that her husband doesn't even want to hear about any of the experiences anymore, mainly due to not being able to do anything about them ( a feeling of helplessness). But it wasn't until the summer of 1987 when Connie and all of her children went to Barnes and Noble book store in Austin, Texas to pick up a book she was interested in reading.

While looking around the book store, her young son asked his mother if he could go and look at some of the children's books. Connie said yes, but told him that he was not to wander off and stay where she was able to keep him in her sight.

As the youngster made his way to the children's book section he went around a corner, or a different book section which displayed other book topics. All of a sudden all of the shoppers in the book store could hear a young child yell out, "here's my monster Mom"!

Connie's son came running back to her with a book in his hand, again yelling out, "here's my monster Mom". What the little boy was holding in his hands was a copy of Mr. Whitley Srieber's book, Communion. On the front cover of the book was this young boys monster, a being with large dark almond shape eyes. Connie told me after her son gave out the loud yell you could have heard a pin drop in the book store as everyone was looking in their direction.

Connie took the book from her son, went through the check out and paid for the copy. She wanted to have an idea of what was frightening her child. It wasn't until she got home and later that evening when laying in bed reading a book she had already started did she realize the book in her hands was another one by Whitley Srieber. She had not put two and two together and was rather surprised.

Connie went on to say that now her six year old granddaughter is going through the same things as her son had. Judy tells her Mother and Grandmother that there are little old men who visit me in the night. More information will be coming on how the little girl is doing.

Connie told me when she was a little girl she was terrified of the dark and insisted on having the lights on when she was sleeping, and she told me it is still like this today. Also she doesn't sleep very well.

Connie also discussed some other bizarre things that happened to her over the years of these visitations. One time while still living in Alaska she had a frightful nightmare, woke up the next morning with a burn mark on her tailbone.

This burned circle on her back stayed with her for approximately two weeks and she did seek medical help over it. Connie also told me that she has had bad nose bleeds since she was a child, and the same with her son. On one of Connie's trips this last year something extraordinary took place.

She was having excruciating headaches and had nightmares before she had left home, matter of fact she woke up the night before she left on her trip and saw beings standing in the doorway. Her nose bleeds became very severe and her husband said we are going to have to take you in to see a doctor when you come back off the road trip.

Connie at this time was transporting horses and was calling her husband on the telephone. On one call she made to her husband at a stop over at a motel, Connie said that her nose was very stuffed up, bad pain above her eye and was taking aspirin for the pain.

She said she was continually blowing her nose and getting more blood from her nostril the more she blew until her left nostril was completely stuffed up and no air could pass through it. Finally still trying to clear her sinuses she blew into a tissue a couple more times when something broke free.

To her surprise in her tissue was a piece of material approximately one half inch long, one quarter inch wide and had the strangest little nodules on the material. Connie said the debris felt like bone and was pinkish in color. Seeing she was frightened, on her own and upset, Connie flushed the material down the toilet at the motel. Ever since that day she discarded this bit of material, she has had no more problems.

A sad part to this story is that Connie had to help with her grandmother. At the time the doctors thought Connie's grandmother was mentally ill and wanted to have her committed. This was due to her seeing things at her home during the nights.

She also walked around with a flashlight all night long Connie told me. As we know with the abduction experience it seems to run through the families, sometimes starting with the grandparents to their children, to their children and on and on it can go.

So was Connie's grandmother having visitations ? Even after Connie's grandmother had passed away and the house was bought by another family member, strange happenings still go on to this day in that home.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Confederation Park, Burnaby, British Columbia Canada Late 1930s UFO Sighting

Date: Late 1930s
Time: Summer afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Confederation Park, Burnaby, B.C.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Round balls of fire.

Full Description of event/sighting: A friend who is in his late 70s told me this story today. He said that when he was 10 or 11 years old, he and two friends (now deceased) were playing in the bush in Confederation Park in Burnaby, that would make it the summer of 1937 or 1938.

He said he and his friends heard a roaring sound and he ran out of the trees to Willingdon Avenue and saw two streaks of smoke in the sky coming from the east parallel to the ground and at a fairly low altitude. As the smoke trails got closer he saw two round balls of fire at the head of the trails.

Suddenly the two fireballs roared like a rocket straight up at a ninety degree angle and disappeared into a clear blue sky. He said that today he would compare them to jets, but of course there were no jets back then. He still remembers the incident even after the amount of time that has transpired.

Thank you to the person for relating the sighting to me.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Burnaby, B.C. Three Disc Shaped UFOs

Date: August 1952
Time: 2:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 3 plus
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Round flattened.

Full Description of event/sighting: My husband and I saw the children looking up at the sky and went to check. It was bright daylight and directly over our head were 3 disc shaped craft close together and stationary.

They appeared metallic, whitish grey and there were no windows, lights or other attachments.

My husband was a former wireless air gunner and he estimated them to be about 500 feet up and about fifty feet in diameter. They looked like a large Frisbee but they were solid, thick and had a rounded edge.

We watched then for about fifteen minutes. We had no camera. Suddenly they started to move straight up at a terrific speed but at an angle and we watched then until they were a small speck in the cloudless sky.

I have read about a lot of strange lights at night but this was unmistakable. We were directly beneath them so we could not see their upper side. Just the underneath. There were dozens of calls to the police to report it but the Government put a blackout on the reports.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the interesting report.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Tuc-El-Nuit Lake Oliver British Columbia 1950s Flying Saucer

Date: Early to mid 1950's
Time: Early afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Tuc-el-nuit Lake Oliver British Columbia Canada
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Saucer shape on top and bottom.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: Now this is a really interesting sighting report since there appears to have been more people who witnessed this object as the person reporting mentions the radio station carried a news story on this craft being observed by others.

I would like to request from others who were in that area at the time and if they saw this craft, would you please be kind enough to contact me here at with the details of what you saw. Thank you, Brian.

Full Description of event/sighting: I recall I was 8 or 10 years old and playing by myself in our back yard on the west side of Tuc-el-Nuit Lake.

I was not looking at the lake but was facing north. A movement over my right shoulder caught my attention and I turned towards the lake.

Flying very low above the lake and coming from the south was a very strange looking airplane. It had no wings, no propeller, was the same shape top and bottom and made no sound. The size was a bit bigger than any plane I'd seen before and the only planes I had seen were small private planes. I'd never been to a big airport.

The colour a silver grey. The lake was only half a mile wide at that point so "the plane" was quite close and only about three times as high as our rooftop. If it had been a float plane I would have expected it to be landing at the far end of the lake.

It was moving only a little faster than I would have expected a plane to fly. I watched it continue up the lake then went back to my playing.

Later when I went in the house I told my mother about the strange plane I'd seen.

A short time later she heard on the 5:00 pm news that a "flying saucer" had been seen by a great many people flying north up the Okanagan Valley. It fit the description of what I'd seen so she told me about it. The radio station was CKOK Penticton.

I wasn't overly impressed as I'd never even heard of flying saucers. My parents were aware of them but it was never a topic that they had any reason to discuss. To me it was just a funny looking airplane. In fact, if it had not been on the news I doubt that I would have remembered it as the years went by. Of course to see it now would be very exciting and I would pay a lot more attention!

Over the years I've looked at archives of sightings in B.C. but have never seen mention of that event. That surprises me a bit since several people apparently reported it to the radio station at the time.

Unfortunately I can't give the exact year. I just know it was after 1950 and before 1960. It was around the time that my parents were part of a team of volunteers that had to report any planes they heard or saw during their shift. My parents shift was midnight to 2:00 a.m..

Both being teachers they used the time to mark papers! Years later when I asked why they were doing that, they couldn't remember what it was about but that it was being done in more areas than Oliver.

Around that same time period there was another sighting in the sky that I noted but did not think about more than just briefly. I was in the same area of Oliver playing with some friends. This was early afternoon in the summer.

They were standing above me on a mound of dirt and as I was looking at them I noticed three bright lights in the sky to the north. They looked like very bright stars and formed a small triangle. We all watched them for a while but they didn't move so we went on playing.

Over the next half hour whenever we looked up they were there. Since I remembered my father saying that as a boy in Alert Bay (1920's) he and a friend once watched several unmoving "stars" for a whole afternoon I just assumed that we also were looking at stars.

Yes we knew that it was unusual to see stars in the daylight. The reason I remembered the event was that I was pleased that I'd seen something special that my dad had seen when he was about my age. Since then I've looked for stars in the daytime sky when the air is very clear but have never seen any.

I realize this report is from a long time ago but I am hoping you have records of this from other people. If nothing else I appreciate the opportunity to at last tell someone about the event. Thank-you.

Thank you to the witness for the wonderful report.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Between 1954 and 1958, Tuc-El-Nuit Lake Oliver, British Columbia Canada (Daylight sighting)

This is a bit of an unusual addition to a report you posted earlier [see above].

My older sister submitted the report "Tuc-El-Nuit Lake Oliver, British Columbia 1950s Flying Saucer". She emailed me to take a look at this site, and I read her submission. Now, it gets a bit strange.

This was the very first time I heard about her seeing this event. That in itself is not particularly strange, but I saw something similar, and she did not know of my sighting nor I hers! Reading her report was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

What follows is a description of what I saw sometime between 1954 and 58. I was somewhere between 4 and 8 years old.

It was a bright day with a solid high overcast, and, I believe, in the afternoon. No wind and a warm day.

I was outside by the lake shore, facing south. Something attracted my attention and I looked up high to my left in time to see three objects streak towards the south. They were moving much faster than any ducks flew, and were absolutely silent.

There was no flapping of wings or any body movement whatsoever. They did not appear to be descending, but got smaller as they flew out of sight behind a row of poplar trees about 100 m away.

There were three objects, flying in a "V" formation. They looked to me at the time like ducks with no tails and very short stubby wings. They were dark in colour and I saw no markings or distinguishable features.

My age and lack of any other reference led me to assume they were just weird birds. What seemed unusual to me at the time other than the weird shape was the speed and silence of their flight.

They appeared to me as ducks would look if they were flying 10 or 15 m above my head. I should have seen details and heard the murmuring that ducks make as they fly.

I told my Mom and Dad about the "ducks". They questioned me but couldn't really come to any satisfactory conclusions and we just shrugged and moved on.

My sister and I talked about these events for the first time today. Neither of us was aware of the other's sighting. We are not really able to figure out who saw what first, but we are both certain that we did not know of each other's story. We are equally certain that we saw what we saw, and are not "remembering" a story we heard from the other.

FYI. Tuc-el-nuit Lake is, according to Indian legend, the birthplace of Ogopogo. He apparently swam up the Okanagan River to Okanagan Lake. The "Okanagan Arch" is also visible from this area.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Chased By A UFO On The Way To Work In British Columbia Canada

1960’s or early 70’s, Lower Mainland, British Columbia Canada: (Received: June, 2004)

While I'm remembering things, back in the 60's and early 70's I worked in the main Vancouver Post Office. One of the fellows I worked with was a Mennonite fellow the same age as me. He used to drive back and forth from Clearbrook as he was living with his parents. Being from a rather closed community he was quite naive about a lot of things.

During the fall of 1965 he came into work one night and was quite visible shaken up by something which occurred on his way home the previous night. He told us he had just come off the Pt. Mann bridge and was cruising along about 70 Mph. when he noticed a bright white light in his rear view mirror.

Thinking it was just another car coming up the hill from the bridge, he didn't pay to much attention. When he first saw it he figured it was probably several miles behind him but within seconds it was right over his car. He said it scared the crap out of him and he tried to put his foot through the floor and within seconds was doing over 120 mph.

He kept running through patches of thick dense fog and was terrified he was going to run into another vehicle but the object overhead scared him even more. After a few minutes it receded back to being just a light in the mirror but he said he kept his foot to the floor.

Just before reaching his turn off it suddenly closed in on him again and hovered overhead. When he started to slow down for the turn off it backed off again as if watching to see what he was going to do. He said he was so scared he couldn't sleep all night.

With his religious upbringing he thought it was the Devil chasing him. We told him it was more likely a UFO chasing him and then had to explain what a UFO was, apparently he had never heard of such a thing.

The next night he came into work still all upset, he'd been chased all the way back to Clearbrook, British Columbia for a second time. That was enough for him, he arranged a place to stay during the week in Vancouver and only went home when he could drive during the day time with other cars around. As far as I know he has moved back to Clearbrook, British Columbia and is working there so he doesn't have to commute.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Round Salmon/Peach Colored UFO Seen From Laidlaw, British Columbia

Date:  June 1966
Time:  11:45 p.m.

The witness clearly recalls a sighting he had when he was in his early teens. He was with roughly twenty family members having a reunion at a home in Laidlaw, British Columbia.

They had a campfire and folks were roasting wieners. One of the younger children there yelled out loudly for everyone to look over towards one of the local mountains.

Everyone looked to where the child was pointing and saw a large object sitting stationary over top of the mountain.

It sat there for a brief time and then started to move along the mountain rim, stopped and returned to where it had come from. Then it moved towards the family (still a distance away) then back again to it's original position.

The witness reported the color was a salmon/peach. He said the shape of the object was definitely circular. They all watched it for approximately 15 minutes and finally it moved off behind the mountain.

Everyone was surprised to say the least and one of the adults ran inside to call the airport to report and to enquire if anyone else was reporting this massive object.

The first thing the tower operator explained was that they did not use balloons anymore because they had radar.

The man in the tower was laughing! But he did finally say there was no aircraft in the area where the object had been seen. Also nothing was showing up on his radar.

The witness said there were others who had also observed this strange object as reports were filed with the RCMP and the local newspaper at that time.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Wilmer, British Columbia Three Egg Shaped Metallic Objects

Date: 1980's
Time: Noon

The witness went out onto the balcony of her home looking east towards the Rocky Mountains one nice day. She saw three egg shaped metallic objects in the sky above the mountain line.

All were identical in size and shape. She ran inside to get her mother to have her come look as well and her mother said "Oh my God" and ran back indoors to get dad. When dad arrived on the scene all three objects had disappeared.

It was noted at the time that many other witnesses in the Windermere area saw similar sightings, but on different days.

From what I understand it was quite the talk of the town for some time afterwards and I'd like to perhaps take a trip down that way sometime in the hope that I can dig up some more information about these and other sightings. Thanks again to the witness for her report.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Alert Bay British Columbia Three Flying Saucers Sit Stationary In 1924

Date: Around 1924
Time: Afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Alert Bay, B.C.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Star.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, recently I was talking to my 93 year old father about UFO reports in Canada and I mentioned that I've not yet come across any before the 1930's.

He suggested I tell you about what he and a friend saw in the 1920's. He was 9 years old at the time.

Dad attended school part of every year in the small community of Alert Bay just off the east coat of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The other part of his schooling was in Vancouver.

Late in the school year, probably early June, dad and his best friend decided to enjoy the sunshine and have their school lunch break outside on the nearby beach.

As soon as they finished eating they lay on the beach behind a log and looked up at the sky, as school boys might do.

Other than a few small clouds rapidly moving in the prevailing west wind and an occasional seagull the sky was clear, blue and empty.

Then directly above them they saw three very bright stars in a triangular formation. They didn't twinkle as night time stars often do. Dad and his friend were intrigued. Neither of them had ever before seen stars in the daylight.

They looked at them for a while but as the stars just sat there they soon lost interest. A few times during the lunch hour they took another look and they were still in the exact same position in the sky.

Several hours later, when school finished for the day, dad looked up and the stars were still there. By the time he got home and went in for dinner, they still had not moved.

He mentioned to his parents that he had seen stars during the daylight and their only comment was to say "how nice, weren't you lucky".

The next day the sky was again a clear blue and the boys looked for the three stars. There were none to be seen.

So what had they seen?

Being just a child at the time, dad truly believed he was looking at stars. Flying Saucers and UFO's were unknown.

Although weather balloons did exist they were not deployed in the remote regions of the B.C. coast and even if they were, they would not have remained completely unmoving for at least five hours.

The thousands of war time balloons from Japan were not sent for another 20 years. The natural movement of stars would have moved the three lights across the sky, if they really were stars. If you look at the stars in the night sky they "appear" to move quite quickly.

They would never be in the same place after several hours. The field of aviation was not advanced enough in those days to have aircraft that could just sit there and I doubt that anything so experimental would be found several hundred miles from the nearest airfield anyway!

Dad is not saying, and neither am I, that the "stars" he saw were flying saucers. However they definitely were Unidentified Flying (or floating) Objects.

Whatever they were, they made a lasting impression on him as I recall him talking about the "stars" when I was just a child. Apparently over the years he often tried to see more daylight stars but never did.

There is just one more part to this story. Perhaps it is just a coincidence. April 2007 I sent you the missing time event you titled something like "92 year olds missing time Vancouver Island".

Well, the missing time event took place a very few miles from where dad saw his three star like UFO's. Only the missing time took place over 50 years later.

Thanks Brian, for all the work you are doing in sharing all the interesting stories from around the world.

Thank you to the person for the historic sighting seen by her Father in the 1920's.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Vancouver Island, British Columbia - 92 Year Olds Missing Time Update

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: The below report came in through "submissions" and I do not have anyway of writing the person back who sent the report in. I do remember the original report which was sent to me, but when my site was shut down on October 20, 2006 for two months, alot of the date was lost in ftp-ing the site to my computer.

All the data I have, which is literally stacks upon stacks of reports and other information is still packed up in boxes and I still have not got around to digging the material back out of the boxes.

I know from speaking to a number of different people on Vancouver Island, and other Islands off of the coast of British Columbia there was a "major" UFO/Abduction event which went on for a number of years, going back many years. If anyone of the Islands have had a missing time experience, I would certainly love to hear from you. Thank you, Brian Vike: Email:

Hi Brian, Last April I sent you the story of my 92 year old father and his missing time episode on Vancouver Island. I couldn't find the story in the archives but you might remember it anyway.

I have now discovered that he is not the only person who has had missing time on that part of the Island. Recently I was talking with a group of acquaintances and jokingly mentioned to be careful driving to the north end of the Island.....people or time tends to disappear for a while!

Later a woman took me aside and told me what she had heard about a incident in that area. Although not the same as dads, it was similar. Apparently she heard about this rather second hand and didn't think too much about it until she heard my comment.

It seems a woman who regularly drove that highway came to the beginning of Nimpkish lake and started to drive along the shoreline. It is a long narrow lake and within half an hour she should have been well past it and nearing the Beaver Cove intersection.

However it seems she could not get to the end of the lake. She kept driving and driving and the lake was always there on the left side of the road. Frustrated and confused she eventually did reach the end of the lake and went on to her destination. However she was just over an hour late arriving.

She had not stopped along the way and in fact had increased her speed trying to reach the end of the lake, but was still late.

Unfortunately my friend did not know many details but will see if she can track down the person who told her about this. It might not have been that remarkable a story except for its similarity to what happened to my father.

It would be interesting to know if other residents have had anything like that happen. Of course it could happen to visitors as well but if they didn't know the road they would not know anything was unusual.

Thanks Brian for all the work you are doing.

Thank you to the witness for the update.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Beam Of Light Almost Blinds Man On Highway #1 - UFO Abduction

Started North Of Quesnel, Continued South To Yale British Columbia

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: The witness who reported the below experience would like to know if anyone at the time he drove the Fraser Canyon Highway here in British Columbia on the Easter weekend in 1968 witness the same events he did. If so, would you please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike, at Thank you.

Date: Easter weekend 1968
Time: 19:00 - Midnight

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: ?
Shape of objects: ?

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, could ask if anyone might have been on the road through the Fraser Canyon at that time and possibly seen what the heck was flying over my car. Re: The possibility of missing time, I still don't know, but I still think there could be up to two hours missing somewhere on that trip.

I don't remember being scared but was rather apprehensive when the power died. I believe that must have happened going down Jackass Mountain. Why I didn't get killed that night I will never know.

1968 - Easter Weekend - I decided to drive the approximately 800 miles north to see a friend of mine who'd recently moved to Dawson Creek. I left Vancouver quite late and about midnight found myself driving through the mountains near Cache Creek.

As I drove along the mountain crests I noticed far off in the North West a number of what appeared to be search lights playing on the clouds. At the time I thought there must be an airport over there somewhere. Later on when I checked my maps found nothing but bush and also realized that the lights I'd seen were not shining up at the clouds but down from somewhere above.

Shortly after passing Cache Creek, British Columbia it began to snow and I ended up driving for 18 hours. I found my friend, booked into one of the Hotels in town and passed out.

She had the weekend off, so the next few days we spent touring the area. The third day I started back to Vancouver. The snow had all melted and I was cruising along about 80 mph.

At sunset I was just north of Quesnel, British Columbia and had a large field on my right, as I passed it I noticed what appeared at first glance to be a white bird about the size of a Herring Gull, it took off from approximately 150 feet away and skimmed across the field at approximately 3 feet in the air on an interception course with my car.

I stepped on the brakes and it passed through my head light beams approximately. 20 feet in front of me. It then climbed at about a 45 degree angle and shot off up into the sky. As it passed I realized it was not a bird as the wings were fixed and not flapping. My foot came down a little harder and soon I was cruising at 90 mph. Hours later I was back up in the mountains, just south of Cache Creek.

I'd not seen another car for hours and I was still rolling along about 90. All of a sudden a brilliant white light shone down on me from somewhere above. It was like the light from a flash bulb, so bright I couldn't even see my own headlights and from what I could make out appeared to be a perfect circle, perhaps several hundred feet in diameter.

I floored the gas and went up to about 110 mph. but the light stayed right with me. After a minute or so the light went back out. I could feel all the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and sensed that whatever it was, was still directly over my car.

I wanted to stop and take a look, but since I was by myself and there was no other traffic I continued to keep my foot in it. About 10 minutes later the light came back on and I got the distinct impression that whoever was behind it wanted me to stop. I went even faster.

Just before I reached the Kanaka Bar Restaurant the light went out again. I came around a bend and found the Restaurant right in front of me. A car had just left the restaurant and I passed him doing about 120 mph. He must have thought I was a UFO.

A few miles further on I came over the crest of a mountain and could see a long steep hill in front of me with a curve at the bottom, suddenly my car lost all power and I was flying blind down the hill.

I was still doing close to 120 mph and had lost my lights, power steering, power brakes etc. I put both feet on the brake pedal and pushed as hard as I could. I couldn't see the road at all as there are tall trees on each side of the road and it was black.

All I could do was try and keep the car heading straight. I kept picturing the road curving up ahead but didn't have the faintest idea how close I was or even if I could make it at the speed I was still going. Without my power assist the car didn't feel as if it was slowing the least.

Just as I reached the bottom of the hill my power all of a sudden came back on. Needless to say I made the corner but didn't slow down until I reached the main Trans Canada Highway with all its traffic. I owned that car for more than five years and never before or after did I have any problems with it mechanically or electrically. The loss of power seemed to be their goodbye present as I lost that feeling that they were sitting on my roof just shortly afterwards.

I often read or see programs about people losing time during incidents similar to what I went through but don't think I was stopped. I was near Quesnel, British Columbia at sunset which I'd guess to be about 19:00 and hit the Trans Canada near Hope, British Columbia at about 02:00. I was just doing some calculations and they don't work out. Quesnel, British Columbia is approximately 325 miles north of Hope and at the speed I was going I should have done it in about 3.5 hrs. not 7, maybe something did happen? I sure don't recall slowing.

Years later when I first saw the movie Close Encounters it brought it all back again especially the scene where they were all up on the mountain watching the UFO approach above the clouds. When I came out of the theatre after the movie I didn't have the faintest idea where I was.

Nothing seemed familiar and it took several minutes for me to figure out where I was. Several years later I asked some Police Officers if they might have had helicopters working in the Canyon at night and they said not to their knowledge. Too dangerous.

I just thought I'd mention the car I was driving at the time was a bright Red 1960 Dodge Phoenix Dart Convertible just incase anyone saw it being perused by something.

Thank you very much to the witness for the interesting report.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Oyster River Black Creek, Vancouver Island British Columbia Saucer Shaped Hovering

Date: Around October 10, 2007
Time: Evening.

Location of Sighting: Oyster River, Black Creek Vancouver Island Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Saucer shaped.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: If anyone else has witnessed this craft would they please contact Brian Vike at: with the details of the sighting.

Full Description of event/sighting: I will get the people involved to put their stories on here. One is a friend who has seen the same flying object 3 times in the last month. The last is a friend of my son's. I just asked him tonight about his sighting.

He saw the same saucer shaped object on the same night as my other friend, Wednesday of this week or there abouts in Black Creek just north of the Merville store.

He was being driven home by his boss and they pulled over off the highway in a Hummer vehicle (thinking they were safe) and watched the craft hovering over a neighbor's property. He said it was saucer shaped and had revolving lights that emitted an orange glow. It then flew in a zig zag pattern and took off toward the ocean.

My other friend was telling me of the same craft that very night (after I dropped my son off at the friend's house). He said the same light and a glowing saucer.

He told me he was driving south when all of a sudden the lights of the saucer came on. He said he went "oh no, not again" rolled up his windows and continued driving toward home. He said he was very scared.

Altogether he has seen it twice this past week in the same locale between Oyster River and Black Creek, but his sightings were over the ocean. A previous sighting about a month ago was over a field near Oyster River.

Again a saucer but cream colored light with blue or green. I think that is what he said. I will pass this link onto my son's friend and also my other friend that saw it 3 times.

It is better that they talk to you themselves. I was just wondering if you had any other reports from Vancouver Island (up past Courtenay) this month? Has anyone else seen this same craft? (in all cases, it has been only one craft) That is about all for now.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Sydney British Columbia Flying Saucer With Windows

Date: November 1998
Time: 2:00 p.m.

At Sydney, British Columbia in November 1998 while walking my dog.

I spotted out of the corner of my eye what I thought was an aircraft in trouble, however as there was no noise. I went down to the water and could see no air craft in the water.

Upon looking around and about 100 feet in the sky was a flying saucer. I said at the time on seeing this, I said it was about time you showed up as I have been looking for you for over 30 years.

In a flash it was gone. About 25 feet in circumference. It had what appeared to have 3 windows in the upper portion of the craft and along the lower section a large the trailing edge a group of white lights which began to rotate along the leading edge and eventfully formed one solid ring.

As I watched this I knew it was getting ready to get the dickens out of here. I looked around for anyone else but as luck would have it, not a person in sight.

I did not report this sighting as I later checked with a group of people who I am sure thought I was missing a few bricks from a load.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Prince George, British Columbia A Black Triangle UFO

Date: Approximately: July 1999
Time: Approximately 2:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Country/Rural.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangle.

Full Description of event/sighting: Sometime in July of 1999, I was outside throwing a ball for my dog, I looked up, and there was a Black Triangle about 50 feet above me. It made absolutely no sound, and didn't move at all. It was not transparent, I could not see through it, at the time, thinking I was just seeing things, I looked back down, then up again, and it was gone.

Additional Information:

Hi there, I don't really remember any feelings at the time and I don't know what made me look up, because I didn't notice it until I had looked up, my dog was a puppy at the time and I don't really think he looked up I cannot recall any lights on it, I kind of shrugged it off, I was young, and don't think I was really into UFO's at the time, I know I seen something though, but I guess I just didn't believe it and thought to myself, I didn't just see that' and went on with my life, but then started thinking about it later.

I wasn't like 6 or anything, I was about 12, so I had knowledge of conventional aircraft, and that was not like anything I had ever seen, but knowing what I know now about UFO's and how many sightings there really are, I would have looked at it differently. it's funny after I posted it.

I checked to see if there was any UFO sightings similar to mine for July 1999, and to my surprise, I found one your site, a report of someone in my city seeing a UFO as well, I thought that was interesting, being that it's a fairly small city. I wish I could have seen it do something amazing like shoot off at the speed of light, but it just seemed to vanish, I think that's probably why I didn't believe it at the time. I hope to see another one on the future.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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The Vike Factor -  Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Strange Bright Orange/Red Lights Are Seen More Frequent Over Langley Cloverdale Aldergrove British Columbia

Date:  Over the last year (2014)
Time:  Approximately 7:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Hi, so I have been seeing this over the Langley, British Columbia area for a couple/few years now and they are far more frequent in the last year.

I have seen as many as three at once spanning from Cloverdale to Walnut Grove to Aldergrove and Brookswood. They are about the size of a small school bus, maybe a bit smaller.

They have a panel of front lights that are sometimes steady and sometimes cascading. and sometimes only one center light.

I have watched the lights alter. There's a bright orange/reddish lights on each side and it often goes total stealth blackout.

I have watched these objects move in odd grid like patterns and pivot turn as opposed to banking like a plane or helicopter.

They elevate and descend straight up and down and are silent unless moving up, down or forward.

I have watched them hover/stationary for several minutes at a time. A pattern I have noticed is they come from the south end of Langley around 7:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Multiple Orange Lights Spotted Flying Over Kalamalka Lake Vernon British Columbia

Date:  December 31, 2014
Time:  Just before midnight.

Hi there, my friend and I were walking minutes before midnight on New Years eve of this year (a few days ago) and we came across multiple bright orange glowing orbs adorning the skies.

They were below the clouds and you could see a space between the lights and the clouds. There were no search lights shining up and no reflection of light beams from the ground.

They were not present upon the bottom of the clouds, but lower. They were right over our heads and made no noise. It moved unlike any plane or helicopter zigzagging.

My friend saw three from his vantage point in the trees, yet when I first spotted them there were at least five. My friend is a total skeptic yet when the last of the orbs vanished he told me he had never seen anything like that in his life and did not feel it was man made.

He stated he felt like he truly saw UFO's. The last orb hovered above us for about two minutes and I have not seen anything like that in my life.

It was not fireworks or a plane, jet or any other man made device. It was not lights shining up from the ground. Neither of us could find any explanation for what we saw.

As a person who has been abducted in the past, I know what my gut told me. These were vehicles of some sort from beyond our planet.

Thanks for the opportunity to write.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, my apologies.  It was at Kal Park on the east side of Kalamalka lake.  The provincial park is right adjacent to Vernon, British Columbia.

Hope this helps.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw.

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Grey Metal Cylinder UFO Spotted Flying Over Campbell River British Columbia

Date:  August 11, 2014
Time:  9:10 p.m.

Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Soup can/cylinder.
Colour of Object: Grey metal/red and green lights.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: The craft was hovering/ suspended in the sky at a low altitude. It had a very bright red light and a very bright green light.

The object dropped straight down very fast to below the tree line and continued to hover. There was no sound.

From its new altitude, it began moving side to side. Precise and soundless.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw.

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Glowing Orange Objects Seen In The Sky Over Campbell River Vancouver Island British Columbia

Date:  December 26, 2014
Time:  Evening.

Hi Brian, the glowing orange orbs were seen in Campbell River, British Columbia on December 26, 2014. I saw video footage from my sons friend.

He was on his way to our house when he saw them. Two in total. No noise, but he said they "teleported". Disappeared and reappeared.  Because this is second hand I can just say it looked and sounded from his account to be very similar to other reports you've had recently.

I have debated on submitting this because I did not see them myself, but the video was indeed one clear orange orb. With another apparently not in the frame.


If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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Report 3 - UFO Sightings For British Columbia In 2004 (UFO Investigator Brian Vike)

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: Below are some of the sighting reports from 2004. There is a good number of sighting reports that came in from the Kootenay region in the southeastern portion of British Columbia and other areas in the southern part of British Columbia, Canada.

Most likely why there are a good number of sightings reports coming out of the area is I had a regular guest spot once a week for a few minutes every Friday morning on the Wayne and Jayne Show. Plus of course, people new that I was someone they could file their sightings to.

At that time, the station was called KBS FM radio. I now see the stations call letters are EZ Rock and you can find my friends at My many thanks to both Wayne and Jayne for there kindness towards me.

Also, I had a regular guest spot with Adam Thompson at CJFW FM Terrace and this also brought in a lot of sighting reports throughout the Northwestern part of British Columbia. I am grateful to him for having me on.

 Vancouver, British Columbia

Date:  July 10, 2004
Time:  1:40 a.m.

My wife and I, my daughter and her friend went to Cypress lookout point just to see the view. We had our camcorder with us.

My wife was taping the kids when I saw a round bright white light over the city and said, "that's not a plane". My wife taped it for as long as it was visible, it went into a cloud burst that was over the city, then it was gone.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I telephoned the witnesses to see if I was able to gather some more information on this sighting. I talked with both the husband and wife who both observed the object.

The object was travelling low and to the west. There were no FAA lights seen when they zoomed in on the object. When the fellow's wife was filming it, they observed the object flying into a "cloud burst" as he called it and it disappeared from their sight upon entering the cloud.

There was no trail or tail following behind it. No sound was heard, but this may be due to the distance the object was from the witnesses. The husband figured it was controlled movement and the object did not make any unusual maneuvers.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Bolide/Fireball Sightings Over Osoyoos, British Columbia

Date:  July 10, 2004
Time:  3:00 a.m.

Bolide/Fireball: A friend of mine was on Hwy 3 about two hundred meters (his guess) up the Mountain to the East of Osoyoos on a Thursday morning at about 3:00 a.m., on a switchback facing south when the sudden day light illumination immediately faded and revealed an orange streak branching into five, over a small number of km to the west of Osoyoos.

This was probably on the 10th of June (between his recollection of 'the first half of June' and my memory of him telling me 'last week over what I saw, about two weeks ago.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Large Bright White Light Travels Across The Sky Over Prince George, British Columbia

Date:  July 12, 2004
Time:  11:15 p.m.

Hello Brian, I just wanted to let you know that once again the electronics in our home have been acting up for the last couple days and guess what?

Yes, we saw yet another unexplained light travelling across the night sky. It was the same as the other white light we told you about a couple of months ago.

It was twice the size of our largest visible star, travelling northeast, without sound. Very bright, no red or blue lights with it (not aircraft).

We watched it until it just disappeared. We didn't lose it from view because of it moving so far away, it just simply was gone. Watched it for approximately 3-4 minutes and the time was 11:15 p.m.

It flew from the west, heading northeast. It also travelled in a somewhat straight line, bit of an arc to it. The light was not as high as a satellite.

Yes, it stayed the same intensity throughout the time we watched it, and it was very bright. It was just a huge ball of white light. The weather conditions were clear, with a few scattered clouds. Lots of stars out.

We couldn't see the moon though, it hadn't come out yet.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Object Was A Orange/Yellow Colour Seen Over Vancouver, British Columbia

Date:  July 13, 2004
Time:  1:55 a.m.

I was woken by the dog barking, so I got up to take a look around the yard to see if there was a prowler. I was getting back into bed when I noticed a very bright light in the sky.

Since I wear glasses and would not ordinarily be able to see anything in the sky with them removed, I wondered at what I was seeing.

I put on my glasses and looked at the sky. I saw a round orb of a soft bright orange/yellow colour, not unlike the colour of the moon sometimes.

It was moving between my home and the north shore mountains, in an east to west direction. There was no sound and there were no lights visible at the back, when it moved farther west where I could see the back of it.

It stayed round moving towards the ocean. The light never fluctuated, it just stayed a glowing colour. This object was way larger than an airplane, but did not appear huge. It was moving steadily and passed out of sight within a minute.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Light Turns Orange Before Disappearing Over Prince George, British Columbia

Date:  July 16, 2004
Time:  1:00 a.m.

Last night just before 1:00 a.m. Mom and I went for a little stroll and we saw another light. Just like the one we saw on the 12th, but this time it was going from west to east.

Again it was not as high as a satellite, it was white, but as it grew distant from us, it had appeared to grow orange in colour. It was clear last night with many stars visible.

It travelled in straight line and then it just disappeared as it started to turn orange. It did not look like a fireball or falling star. I did see one falling star last night though, and this light did not behave like that.

There were no clouds that it could have gone behind, as there were lots of stars where it disappeared in the sky. Because it is close to the new Moon, you could see every star up there and nothing would be obscured from our view.

Oh, and once again the TV was acting up last night before we had the sighting. Also, the light made no noise and had no other lights on it. There were no red or blue lights, like aircraft.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Blue Object Seen Flying Over North Surrey, British Columbia

Date:  July 22 and 23, 2004
Time:  3:21 a.m.

I live in North Surrey, the center piece of the Surrey Place Mall is the Green Tower built by ICBC and is located on the north side of Old Yale Rd. between King George Hwy. and 134th. St.

I have photos of the tower, but they are buried at the moment. The blue object I saw at approximately 3:21 a.m. flashed into sight at about the east edge of the tower and vanished by the time it reached the western edge.

It must have been a very shallow entry. The blue colour was about the same shade as the blue on my TV screen, produced by my VCR and like I told you it was also weird because of the sort of rectangular shape.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Colorful UFOs Seen Over Surrey, British Columbia

Date:  August 7/8, 2004
Time:  Times varied.

Hi Brian, Saturday night I saw that large yellow light appear almost directly above the Surrey Place Tower heading north to south.

It was so big I thought for a second it was a landing light, but it rapidly faded out and I remembered seeing it before several months back and telling you at that time.

Sunday night, I aimed my camera at that same area and left it running, but the big light did not appear. Instead I caught two of those objects which look like strings of beads.

The first appeared at approximately 9:30 p.m. headed in southeast, direction. Up to that point it was the largest I've ever seen and the most colourful.

It consisted of 9 spheres, pink and green in colour. At approximately 10:40 p.m. I saw a similar object heading in the opposite direction, northwest.

When I freeze framed, I found it to be even larger and more colourful then the first. It consisted off 14 spheres and was in a kind of stretched out W pattern instead of straight like the others I've seen.

It had pink, green, tan, brown and two bright yellow spheres in its line up. I've tried putting them onto that same photo I sent you the other day of the Green tower.

I did make them quite a bit larger to give you a better idea of what they look like and the colours are correct, but I couldn't get the same shade.

Just after 10:00 p.m. I was watching a small plane flying towards the tower. It was just approaching the tower on the left when all of a sudden a white object appeared on the right heading for the ground.

I thought it was a meteorite, but at the last second it made a very sharp right hand turn and flew behind the tower. I didn't see it again so it must have flown directly away from behind the tower.

While playing with the picture, I noticed several anomalies that I hadn't noticed before, four in total. This photo is another from the set I took the first week of January 2004.

I tried several things to try and make them show up better and the embossing seems to work the best. The one on the upper left is a little harder to see, but there is something there and all four appear to be saucer shaped.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Barriere, British Columbia

Date:  August 11, 2004
Time:  12:07 a.m.

We were visiting friends and it was after midnight when we were outside in the back yard because it was so hot in the house. Our friends live on property and there are no streetlights, there is nothing.

I know stars twinkle, and planets are very bright depending on the time of year and all that. I also know planes especially at night have those flashing lights on the tail part of the plane.

I was looking at the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and the sky in general. I saw a plane in the left part of the sky, and underneath where the plane was, another light was very bright and moving much faster then the airplane.

I was glad to have an example of that plane's speed because that other light was not a plane. It was something else, no flashing lights, and just a brighter light going super fast!

I called to my friend and his wife to look at this in the sky, I said "what the heck is that?" my friend and his wife looked up and I pointed to the plane and said "see that, well look slightly below it, what the heck is that thing going really fast!"

"Don't tell me that's a plane because it is nothing like that plane, aircraft normally don't go that speed." My friend, who believes in nothing, actually said he has seen that twice before, going that crazy speed.

He said it was a UFO, only because it goes fast then quickly disappears. Also something in me said it wasn't human.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Unknown Lights Spotted In The Sky Over Rossland,  British Columbia

Date:  August 11, 2004
Time:  10:00 p.m.

The witness was previously living at his parent's home, which is located just below one of the local mountains in the Rossland area.

The fellow stepped outside and after standing viewing the night sky for approximately five minutes he saw an extremely bright orange falling star.

It was coming from a northerly direction. As he observed the quick moving object, he thought to himself that this was an amazing spectacle. The man watched the orange glowing ball of light as it disappeared behind the mountain.

Approximately 5 to 10 seconds later after the bright orange object had vanished behind the mountain, the witness observed a number of flickering lights, which appeared out of nowhere. (the area where the flickering lights appeared was exactly where the fellow lost sight of the orange ball of light).

The colour of the three lights went from white to red, and it just sat there. The lights did go dimmer at one point, but grew in brightness and changed colours again.

At times the lights would appear to be bobbing up and down and would move from side to side. As the light moved, the light on one end would dim a bit while the light at the other end grew brighter. At one point in the sighting the witness saw a blue light which he said was flashing on and off.

The day after the sighting took place he decided to go up onto the mountain with his digital camera to see if anything was around, or to see what might have caused the lights, but nothing was there.

At this point he was thinking it possibly could have been a vehicle on the road the night before, but after really checking things out he believes it wasn't this, as the trees, etc. would have certainly blocked out any light source coming off the mountain where he had seen the lights.

The fellow thinks whatever it was, had to be hovering just above the treetops. The whole event lasted for approx. 5 to 8 minutes.

One other interesting thing to the report was that there were dogs and cats acting up while this event was taking place. It is unknown if there is any connection between the animals and what was seen.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Unexplained Light Make Some Strange Maneuvers Over Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Date:  August 11, 2004
Time:  11:00 p.m.

I am writing to report a sighting. I was visiting my in-laws at their farm near Dawson, Creek B.C. We decided to sit outside and see if we could see any falling stars. (there was supposed to be a meteor shower that night).

After seeing a few, we were ready to go inside when I suddenly saw this strange white light moving across the sky. It was the same shape and size as a typical star, but it was moving incredibly fast.

At first I thought it was another falling star, but it travelled across the sky without disappearing and it changed its course repeatedly. I pointed it out to my mother-in-law and she was already looking at it with her mouth wide open.

We called for my father in law to see if he could see it and sure enough he could. It then vanished over the horizon. We sat stunned for a minute. Then from the same direction as the first, another one was coming, this one did not change its course.

It headed straight for the first one at an even faster speed. No sound could be heard, we believe we saw alien spacecraft.

Additional Information: 

The sky was very clear that night. It had not been raining that day. I don't recall seeing the moon that night though.

We watched the entire event (both sightings) for a total of about 8 minuets with a 1 or 2 minuet break between the two.

It came from the southwest and headed northeast. It was straight overhead. When I first spotted it moving, it was travelling in a straight course like an airplane, but I could see no flashing lights nor could I hear any sounds, it also seemed much higher than a typical plane would fly.

It than began to swerve back and forth mildly (it looked like it was moving around something, although we couldn't see anything else up there at the time) and then moved down slightly then back up and then continued along it's path.

The second one appeared shortly after and did not swerve. It just followed the other one. The area we were in is quite remote.

The nearest airport is about 35 min away by highway driving and there are no other houses that are really close by. I do believe the objects were at high altitude.

No trail or other light was visible from these objects. All I can really add is that they both looked exactly like stars, the same size a little brighter, but they moved so fast and they were visible for a long time. We watched them go over the horizon.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Bizarre UFO Encounter In Houston, British Columbia

Date:  August 12, 2004
Time:  2:45 a.m.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I talked with a well-known gentleman in the local shopping mall here in Houston, British Columbia. He had a strange story he wanted to relate to me.

He said he was having a hard time sleeping on August 12, 2004, so he got up out of bed at around 2:45 a.m. and wandered out to the kitchen for a drink of water.

As he walked down the short hallway he easily saw the kitchen area and other parts of the home were lit up in a bright while light.

Wondering what was causing this he went over to the window and observed an extremely bright white light, which was sitting stationary at the back end of his property.

The light was barely above the treetops, with the bottom end of it tucked in behind a clump of trees. What he told me surprised me, as the man said the light rounded out the top of a large tree. Meaning that the light seemed to penetrate or remove this portion of the tree. (After the light had disappeared the tree remained intact)

Having been totally surprised at this sight, he called one of his sons who lives on the five acre parcel next to his and woke him up so he could also see what his father was looking at.

Both from their separate homes watched the large light hovering in place. The older man went and grabbed his camera and was able to capture a shot of this light/object.

He said there was not a sound coming from the direction the light was in, actually he said the early morning was very silent. Eventually after a short period of time the light just disappeared, or blinked out.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: Now I know the area well behind the fellows home as at one time I peeled railroad ties for him.

I can tell you there is nothing back there, but forest. There is one gravel road which leads to the old Equity Silver mine, but that is some distance away. The witness said the light was right there just behind the trees.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Object Stops And Gives Off Blinding White Light At Vernon, British Columbia

Date:  August 19, 2004
Time:  After midnight.

Hi Brian, I have been reporting the globes that have been around Vernon since April. I became familiar with their behavior, and where they would be. There was usually four. Then there was only one after a three-week lapse. I am out every night at the time I have seen their activity, but only this one has appeared once a week since July.

Two weeks ago one stopped over the airport in the clouds and flared three short times. This was different, as I have seen them pulse and flare, but not short sharp blasts of light.

The globe is all light and my binoculars can't make out anything that could be called a vehicle. When it flares it only increases in size equal to the light it emits.

It does not morph into anything or display many lights. It is something covered in light and remains the size of a seed pearl.

Thursday night something really different happened. The sky over the airport had low clouds and heat haze from the ground.

I looked to the spot where I have seen them appear over the airport. The globe flared and then really flared to blinding white. The different part is this. If I hadn't been sitting down I would have had to. As it was I was already sitting back in my chair. I felt this light press through me. I did not lose time, or lapse in consciousness or feel fear.

A friend in Salmon Arm, British Columbia witnessed the same thing, only she said she nearly fell over and the horses in the field all jumped.

She was out at midnight looking for her cat. She said no noise, no explosion just pure white light that went to the back of her head. This is the first time I have felt a light force. A light force. Sounds kind of cool and it was.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Lights Separate In to Others Over Terrace, British Columbia

Date:  August 19, 2004
Time:  12:20 a.m.

I witnessed 5 lights, and each light separated into 3 more lights, each all in a horizontal fashion. There were 2 witnesses. The shortest UFO sighting I have ever seen. They were too far away to see any detail.

The lights were travelling due west, I was standing on the Southside of Terrace when they flew almost overhead.

Additional Information: 

The sighting only lasted a few seconds on account of them moving so fast. Their colour was almost a florescent white, with a blue tinge to it. They were big enough to see that they weren't stars, but an aircraft can't maneuver side to side like that.

The number is actually started with 5, but then they split off into many other lights flying all parallel to one other. As for the weather, it was a perfectly clear night.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Object Suddenly Appear Over North Langley, British Columbia

Date:  August 26, 2004
Time:  1:30 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.

Hello, I live in a North Langley, British Columbia municipality in the Fraser Valley. I developed a bad case of insomnia and over the summer, I started to take late night walks to help relax me (I thought) I was only in my second or 3rd night out and I was standing still doing some stargazing and I also like to try and spot the odd satellite moving across the sky.

On this particular night, I was looking virtually straight up when I saw a very bright "star" appear and then disappear! I thought I was maybe just seeing things, but I got a very sick/excited type feeling in my stomach and body.

It was like I just saw something I couldn't explain and it looked like it was not within our atmosphere.

I went home and couldn't stop thinking about what I just saw. In future walks, I started to take my camera with me, but to date, I have not been able to catch anything on it.

Then about 3 weeks ago, I was looking straight up again and low and behold, flash! Another bright "star" appeared out of nowhere, but this time I swear I saw some kind of trail behind it.

It was stationary for about 2 or 3 seconds, then it disappeared and re-appeared (by my perspective) about 3 inches from the last position and this time I know I saw a trail behind it.

It made two more appearances at different angles from its last position and then it was gone! The whole episode only took about 15 or 20 seconds and I was just frozen there watching this.

I didn't even remember I had a camera and even if I did, I wouldn't have had enough time to capture anything, besides, I couldn't take my eyes off of what I was seeing.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Parksville, Vancouver Island British Columbia

Date:  August 29, 2004
Time:  8:00 p.m.

I and others, saw a dark cloud form and move from south to north at a height of +- 700 feet over the ocean between two points of land.

My comment to others to attract their attention was, "look at the moving cloud!" It was the size of 1/2 a cruise ship and moved rapidly across the horizon.

It did not reappear from the island that it disappeared behind. The distance away could not be determined, but is estimated to be around 6 miles as the points of land were +- 3 miles. Number of witnesses: 5.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


UFO Dropped Out Of The Sky Then Moved Back Up Over Telkwa, British Columbia

Date:  September 22, 2004
Time:  6:40 a.m.

A Telkwa resident called to report an unusual sighting she had while driving on her way to Smithers, British Columbia that is approximately a 10 minutes drive.

As she was driving along Highway #16 the witness was near the Babine Lake cut off road when the lady saw a bright light coming in a downward motion from the Telkwa Mountain Range heading in her direction.

At this point in the sighting the light was reported to be a yellow/white in colour. As the object drew closer it flew across Highway #16 at a low altitude (approximately two or three telephone poles in height).

As the object passed in front of her, the witness said the object appeared to be roundish in shape. Again still holding the yellow/white colour, but the bottom of it had a light green glow to it.

The lady went on to say she thought what ever this was, was going to crash into the ground. But as it passed by she watched the object rise up and disappear into the cloud cover and it was gone!

There was no tail or trail following behind it. The witness was able to view the object for 15 to 20 seconds at the most.

Being inside the vehicle there was no sound heard coming for the object. There were two other vehicles following behind the lady.

As she slowed, she noticed that the other two vehicles had also slowed, so it is a good chance that other folks travelling into Smithers, British Columbia also witnessed the object.

The witness told me that she was shocked to see the thing fly so low and of course not knowing what it was. Also the lady admitted that she was a skeptic until she saw this event unfold in front of her.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Blue Green Object Seen In The Sky Over Smithers, British Columbia 

Date:  September 22, 2004
Time:  6:40 a.m.

I took a telephone call from a witness who resides approximately 10 miles west of Smithers, British Columbia in the area of Avalon.

He stated that he had picked up the Smithers Interior Newspaper on November 17, 2004 and read the article about UFO sightings around the area.

When the man read the report for September 22, 2004 (see Telkwa report above) he called to his wife and told her that he had witnessed the very same thing on the same day and at the exact time.

The witness keeps a diary and his wife had entered the strange sighting for that day in his book.

The gentleman was sitting in his home having his morning cup of coffee and looking out his picture window. The fellow said he has a great view of the surrounding area and can see for a long way off into the distance.

All of a sudden something in the sky caught his attention which he thought it looked odd. As he watched, this elongated/football shaped object moved across the sky travelling slightly in a downward motion.

The witness said it took approximately 15 to 20 seconds before he lost sight of it. The man also noted the object was not very high in altitude and seemed to travel over the treetops.

The object travelled from the southwest heading northeast. There was no trail or tail following behind the object. The colour of it was reported to be a bluish green. The fellow told me it was really silent in his home as his wife was still in bed and he had no radio or TV on. He heard no sound from the object at all.

The witness felt the object was going to land or hit the Babine Mountains as it had gone into the cloud cover which was hanging very low over the mountain range. He also called the Smithers Airport after the event was over asking them if they had any information on what he had observed. The airport employees didn't know anything about it.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Cloud Or Something Else Over Coquitlam, British Columbia

Date:  September 25, 2004
Time:  8:40 a.m.

While driving in a westerly direction on United Way I was looking at the clouds and a rectangular shaped cloud caught my eye, as it was different from all of the others.

When I looked at it, it moved as quickly as a plane into a nearby cloud, which was about 8 lengths away.

The other clouds did not move like the rectangular cloud, the others were slowly floating. The rectangular cloud definitely was not a plane.

Has anyone else witnessed a rectangular fast moving cloud? I did see something similar on another day, don't remember what time of the day it was, but do remember seeing a rectangular cloud which was just unusual enough to catch my eye.

Very sharply defined edges, I checked it with the binoculars but couldn't see anything other than the unusual shape. It drifted behind some other clouds and vanished. I don't think it was anything; but who knows?

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Single Blue Light Spotted At Coquitlam, British Columbia

Date:  September 26, 2004
Time:  10:00 p.m.

On the Saturday night I was looking over towards Coquitlam, British Columbia. I saw a single blue light appear near the Hydro lines which run along Burke Mountain about 1/4 mile east of the gun club.

It vanished before I could grab my binoculars and take a look. About five minutes later I saw a streak of yellow light flash from west to east above Burke, possibly a meteorite.

Too fast to tell how far away it was.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Torpedo Shaped UFO In The Sky Over Fort St. John, British Columbia

Date:  October 1, 2004
Time:  5:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Torpedo.

Full Description of event/sighting: While washing dishes in the evening I was looking out my window which faces due west. It was a very pleasant evening with only a couple of large clouds to the northwest backlit by the evening sun.

There were two jet trails crossing from the northeast to the southwest from two jets that had passed earlier. This is a regular route for them. I noticed a worm shaped object slowly travelling from southeast to the northwest.

It was as brilliant as a welding arc and was travelling in a straight line. I called my husband to come and see this thing. He did and said it looked like a torpedo. It had no wings and was narrower at both ends.

There were "sparkles" at the back end of it. We watched it until it passed behind a cloud and we waited for it to emerge following what we believed would be it's trajectory, but it never emerged.

The sky was otherwise clear and light blue. The whole incident lasted about 3 minutes.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Objects Forming A Triangle Over Vernon, British Columbia

Date:  October 3, 2004
Time:  4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

I was watching the western sky, which had huge clouds on the horizon drifting in a northern direction. The sun was behind these clouds and the light was reflecting over the tops making the clouds greyer on the bottom.

Underneath the biggest cloud were several small clouds about the size and shape of a golf ball at arm’s length. I noticed one cloud in particular as it was moving in the opposite direction to the flow.

It was a green-blue luminous bubble encircling the cloud and inside were three dark orbs forming a triangle with one at the top and two on the bottom. It immersed itself in the cloud following behind, which was large, flat, and smooth compared to the fluffy clouds around. The bigger cloud disintegrated faster than its local clouds.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Cluster Of Lights In A V Formation Over Mission, British Columbia

Date:  October 3, 2004
Time:  9:55 p.m.

Saturday evening night skies were perfectly clear and without any notable haze or cloud cover. Looking around the skies from my backyard I watch for any falling stars and satellites, like I do often,  when having to smoke (cigarettes) outside.

The view from my backyard I see a large portion the northern night sky. Last night I did see a single satellite or star fall, I was excited to see this and scanned quickly for any more falling objects.

From the southeast behind me I saw a cluster of round lights in a V formation, on a straight fast direction going north.

It took at least 3.5 seconds to clear from one point in the sky to its disappearing point in the north behind the tree-line of my neighbors. The round lights were in perfect formation of a V, and I am positive that they were separate in flight.

I could see stars in the background and in between the lit round objects. The brightness of each of these circular objects was about the density of common porch lights in the distance, though I am certain what I saw was not satellites or falling stars.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Light Shines Down On Witness At Alaska Highway, British Columbia

Date:  October 6, 2004
Time:  8:00 p.m.

Sighting was about l4 Kilometers east of Mile 98 on the Alaska Highway out of Fort St. John, British Columbia.

My son has a farm in a secluded area, with no external power (he has a generator for electricity which was not running at the time). The interior of the house was lit by propane lights and there were no outside lights on. On a clear night my son was sitting out on the deck petting his dog .

He looked down to open a chocolate bar wrapper when the light hitting his glasses made him look up. He yelled “Dad, Dad, get out here now there is something in the sky”.

I bolted out the door, which probably took me 5 seconds and it was no longer visible. He pointed up in the sky and he said, “Dad right up there, where those stars are, there was a big light shining down on me pulsating with different colours, and it was up really high, and it took off across the sky and disappeared.”

As he was explaining this to me all of the sudden as we were looking up a light the size of a pinhead appeared and grew and pulsated to a very large size. This all happened in a few seconds.

As the other family members bolted out the door it disappeared and took off across the sky. This was l00 times faster than any satellite moving across the sky. The rest of the household saw a moving object leaving the area. I am 66 years old and in all my years of looking up at the skies I have never seen anything like this.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Sphere Of Light Over Garden Bay, British Columbia

Date:  October 20, 2004
Time:  6:40 a.m.

I have an interesting story to tell. Every morning when we wake up we open the patio doors so our cats can go outside (and graze on the grass). My wife comes and tells me one of our cats did not come back and she can't find him, so I get my flashlight and go out to the back yard just as he's coming in. I looked up as an extremely bright star caught my eye.

I realized that it was moving about the same speed as an aircraft, but it was one total sphere of light, although the shape was not distinguishable. It was travelling from South-west to northeast, silently. I had about a 10 second view before it disappeared behind the trees so I ran to the front yard and saw it again for about 4 seconds before it "blinked" out. I saw the object approach and retreat, without any change in its brightness, speed, or flight path.

There was absolutely no sound. Elevation at which it travelled was not discernible, but it was below the sporadic cloud cover.

You would think that with all my cameras, I would have had one handy enough to grab to snap at least one picture, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Had this object passed during daylight, chances are excellent that no one would have noticed it. I'll try and do better next time.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Weird Lights Maneuver Like Nothing Here On Earth Could Pull Off Over Houston, British Columbia

Date:  November 24, 2004
Time:  6:15 p.m.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: On the evening of November 24, 2004, starting at 6:15 p.m. the sky came alive with numerous objects being witness over the small town of Houston, British Columbia.

It was an exciting night to say the least as it has been very quiet in the Pacific-Northwest of British Columbia during 2004 compared with 2002 and 2003 when northwestern British Columbia was almost the UFO capital of Canada due to the large amount of reported UFO sightings.

On Wednesday night things changed quickly. A close friend of ours had just dropped in for a visit when the telephone rang, I went and answered it. There was an excited lady on the other end who was about to start off the evening's chain of events.

She and her husband were outside their home, which is located at the west end of town. She reported they both watched an extremely bright, fast moving light travelling over head from the west heading towards the east over the top of Mount Harry Davis.

They both were surprised at how fast the object travelled and both of them not hearing a sound coming from it. Also as the light moved across the sky it was seen dropping in altitude and then rising back up again and it did this over and over as it flew.

The couple reported it to be travelling much faster than a low flying aircraft, but not as fast as a meteor. There was no tail or trail following behind the object as it moved through the night sky. The colour was reported to be white, red and orange and due to the brilliance of the object no structure could be seen.

Also due to a very still night the smoke from burning fire places and wood stoves at their location hampered seeing details on the object.

As the bright object almost reached a point where the couple would have lost sight of it in the eastern sky, two other extremely bright lights sat stationary. As the original object was about to disappear, the two other lights began to move at a high rate of speed moving in opposite direction and vanishing within seconds. Both of the witness stood stunned at what they just saw and told me they had never seen anything like it before.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


UFO With 5 Lights On It Flew At And Increditable Speed Over Houston, British Columbia

Date:  November 24, 2004
Time:  7:20 p.m.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: Another phone call came in and the witnesses said at 7:20 p.m. they watched a craft with 5 lights on it fly southwest from the micro wave tower on top Mount Harry Davis and over the top of their home just off Highway #16 here in Houston, British Columbia.

Whatever the object was, it travelled at a high rate of speed not making a sound. The witnesses stressed the craft moved so fast they hadn't a chance to see any detail on it other than the lights.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


UFO Follows The Contour Of The Mountain Over Houston, British Columbia

Date:  November 24, 2004
Time:  7:40 p.m.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: Seeing there were the two reports that had just come in, I decided to dress warmly and go outside to watch the sky for myself.

After about 15 minutes had passed and not seeing anything, plus the outside temperatures were not warm at all, I came back in and sat down in the living room with my wife and close friend.

We had turned off some of the lights in our home and left the TV on as we sat chatting. The front room curtains were opened wide, which gives me an excellent view of Mount Harry Davis.

As we all sat discussing and wondering what the reported objects might have been, I gave out a loud yell and ran to the living room window, followed by my wife and friend.

There flying low over the mountain was a large, bright orange light which was dropping in altitude rapidly.

As we all watched, the object seemed to change direction slightly and was easily viewed following the top contour of the mountain. (One reason we were able to see the outline of the mountain was due to the moon being so bright and lighting up all the surrounding areas).

Eventually the object dropped down behind the mountain towards the northeast and disappeared. I am very comfortable saying that what we saw at this time was not an aircraft. What ever it was, has the three of us baffled.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Unknown Ray Of Light Shines Up From Behind Mount Happy Davis In Houston, British Columbia

Date:  November 24, 2004
Time:  7:50 p.m.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: With so much happening this evening we all watched the skies just in case something else might take place. Brian Vike would pace the floor back and forth, running to the telephone to inform some of my close friends as to what was happening in the area.

Some of my friends went outside to watch, just in case they were able to see something and to have them report back if they had.

I came back to the living room window and looked out, off to the right of the Micro Wave Tower on Mount Harry Davis I was able to see a bright white ray, or beam of light which shone upwards.

I wasn't able to see what was causing the ray of light as the source of it was coming up from behind the mountain.

I personally know that there are no roads behind the mountain, just trees, some lakes, etc. Also keeping in mind the mountain has a fair bit of snow on it now and the temperatures at the time of all the sightings was down to minus 8 Celsius.

With these conditions, it is highly unlikely anyone would have been in the area behind the mountain playing around.

Upon seeing the ray of light, I began walking through the living room and was heading outside to be able to view this better, rather than through a window.

As I got to the kitchen, the telephone rang and I went and answered it. Both my wife and friend were watching the ray of light, which all of a sudden vanished.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Large Bright White Light Shoots Skyward From Behind Mount Harry Davis At Houston, British Columbia

Date:  November 24, 2004
Time:  8:00 p.m.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: As I sat here talking on the telephone, I suddenly heard my wife and friend give out a yell.

I immediately hung up the phone and ran out to see what they were going on about. Just ten minutes after the ray of light went out, or disappeared and now on the left side of the Micro Wave Tower on Mount Harry Davis, a large bright white light was observed shooting skyward from the back side of the mountain.

My wife and friend said the light shot up in what appeared to be bursts and eventually disappeared.

The light went to a high altitude before it was gone. I asked if they were able to see any kind of smoke trail following the light, and none was to be seen.

This pretty much was the end of the night's excitement as I sat in the dark for a few hours watching the mountain.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Large White Bright Light Over Between Coquitlam And West Vancouver, British Columbia

Date:  November 25, 2004
Time:  6:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Last night between the hours of six and midnight I saw what appeared to be small aircraft flying back and forth between Coquitlam and West Vancouver.

Trouble is they only had a single large steady white light in the nose and another in the tail, along with as many as six white flashing strobe lights. I checked several times with my binoculars, but was unable to make out any coloured lights or wings on these craft.

Their speed and altitude fitted right in with the rest of the air traffic flying along that flight pattern.

They may have been helicopters but I can usually spot them right away and they always have the appropriate lights.

I checked several other planes and was able to make out the fuselage but not on those. I guess they were just more unknowns like the yellow egg shaped object, which flew over a few weeks back.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Large Orange Ball Over Prince George, British Columbia

Date:  November 25, 2004
Time:  11:45 p.m. - 11:50 p.m.

Last night I spotted what possibly could be a UFO. I'm not 100 % certain yet what it was, reason being is living here in Prince George, British Columbia you see a lot of aircraft coming and going so I can't say for certain I was not looking at some airplane, but I will describe what I saw.

I was standing in my living room looking out of my window. I saw an orange object in the distance approaching from the Bulkley Valley region.

At first glance I thought it was a plane coming in to land at the local airport, but what was odd about it was as far as I'm aware of I don't think aircraft have big bright orange lights on them.

From were I was standing it looked like a big orange ball of light. Anyhow, I watched this light for a matter of 5 minutes and it was hard to judge the height of this craft in the sky, it being night. Plus I had no landmarks to go by. But, what I had thought was a landing was not because it disappeared behind a cloud and I never saw it again.

Maybe it was nothing but an aircraft, but it just seemed odd at the time.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Glowing Yellow Egg Shaped Object Flying Over Surrey, British Columbia

Date:  December 2, 2004
Time:  7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, saw what appeared to be the same glowing yellow egg shaped object again yesterday December 2, 2004 at approximately 19:00 and again at approximately 21:00.

It was heavily overcast at the time and both times the object appeared to rise almost vertically from the area of the Fraser River almost directly north from my position.

Object doesn’t leave any trail as it rises and climbs about the speed of a ball of fire from a Roman candle. Both times it climbed right up into the overcast. Approximately 2000 to 3000 ft. before disappearing.

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at


Two Rings Of Light Rotating Around An Oval Shaped UFO That Descends Behind The Tree-Line At Trail, British Columbia

Date:  December 22, 2004
Time:  7:25 p.m.

A couple drove from Vancouver to Trail, British Columbia for Christmas with the fellow's parents. “My girlfriend and I were standing outside of my parents home close to the well's pump house, which is approximately 50 feet from the front side of their house.

We were waiting for my parents to return from picking up my other family member for the holidays. As I turned around and faced the house, I noticed a brilliant light coming from south, but traveling low and slow.

As we watched an object , it flew over the home and over top of us. We saw two rings of light rotating around an oval shaped craft. The first ring was made up of a blue and yellow, and the second ring - white and reds.

The light the object gave off, lit up the entire area and it eventually descended out of sight behind the tree line and disappeared.

We never saw it again. The craft traveled too slow for it to be an airplane and we heard no sound at all. The object may have been approximately 40-50 feet in diameter and it's altitude was approximately 300 above ground.

My girlfriend was squishing my arm as she was so frightened. Needless to say, we had quite the story to tell my parents when they arrived back home."

If you seen this object, or anything else like it, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at

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